'Dr Howl' Materialises on Amazon Kindle

Fenriswulf Books, publishers of Arf & Mo and many other fine and dandy works, are pleased to announce the latest addition to their eBook graphic novel catalogue: Dr Howl!

Puns and mirth abound in this loving tribute to classic sci-fi television, starring  lowbrow underground comic stars Arf & Mo as a myriad of intergalactic Time Lords, their companions and enemies, all courtesy of Mr Frank Bland. 30+ pages of full-colour parody for every furry animal-loving Whovian...

US readers can download theirs here.

UK readers can reverse the polarity of their eBook readers here.

Recommended for mature sci-fi fans. Images (c) Frank Bland and Fenriswulf Books, 2014.

Dr Howl Lives!

Recently, Frang (creator of Dr Howl) has been busy with brand spanking new Howl artworks. Here's a couple:

The Long Lost TV Serials...Rescued and Restored!

Yes, it's true! Dr Howl, the groundbreaking television sci-fi show from the last century, has been saved from the black hole of BBBC archive oblivion, where it had long been believed to have suffered an untimely demise...

For years, fans and scholars of this fondly-remembered show have had little but a few stills and some crackly nineteenth-generation Betamax video cassette copies to preserve the legend that is Dr Howl.

But no more...

Dr Howl is back and pulsating all over a computer screen near you (possibly even right in front of you)...!

Click here to experience the first in our ongoing series of lovingly-restored stories...